Friday, October 1, 2010

Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans: The Falcon Lake Incident and Winter Cottage Goodness

Painting Over Silence reminded me that Jim Bryson and The Weakerthans are releasing their collaborative effort, The Falcon Lake Incident, on October 19th. They will celebrate that release with a free show at the Horseshoe Tavern on the same day. I really like the album cover, which reminds me of a Jim Bryson photo from awhile back that caused someone to comment, "Looks like a good album cover." Guess Bryson took that response to heart. The first officially-released song from the album, Metal Girls, includes great lyrics, happy pop hooks, warm keyboards, nicely-understated back-ups from John K.Samson, and and bap-bap-ba's. A guy from Ottawa recording at a cottage in the middle of winter in Manitoba with Winnipeg's favourite sons is an unusual (gutsy? crazy? inspired?) move, but the results sound good so far.

<a href="">Metal Girls by Jim Bryson</a>

Here's a little video captured by The Weakerthans' Jason Tait of Bryson and John K. Samson singing Raised All Wrong "in front of the Kwik-E-Mart in Kitchener", according to

The Falcon Lake Incident cd and digital album will be available through MapleMusic Recordings, the vinyl will come out on Kelp Records.

Here's some other lovely Bryson tunes.

Jim Bryson - Anything and All (demo)

Anything and All - Jim Bryson by kidwave

Jim Bryson - Flowers

Flowers by kelprecords

Jim Bryson - Death by Vibration (Live)

Death by Vibration (live) by kelprecords

Bryson with Sarah Harmer doing Skyway (The Replacements):

Bryson, Sarah Harmer & Kathleen Edwards doing Fisherman's Blues (The Waterboys):

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