Monday, October 25, 2010

Bryan Ferry Returns With Olympia

I got into Roxy Music through Avalon, which makes me uncool in some quarters. I know, I know, the Brian Eno-with-Roxy early stuff is more challenging, or progressive, or what-have-you, and I now enjoy that era as well, but I still think the later Roxy Music albums, as well as Ferry's solo records, are masterful. Sweet, smooth, multi-layered songs that work as aural treats to my ears. I understand those who feel that it's too lightweight - the unusual rhythms, strange keyboard and synth sounds, unique lyrics and vocal choices in the early Roxy material aren't often found in Ferry's later work. But to me, there's still a dark undercurrent riding inside many of those songs, even on the stately Avalon, which makes that cover of that album make sense.

Like Avalon, Olympia was produced by Rhett Davies, and it also includes contributions from Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera. The cover art (shown at the top of the post) hearkens back to Roxy album covers too. Other notables collaborating with Ferry on the new record are Dave Stewart, David Gilmour, Jonny Greenwood, Nile Rodgers, Groove Armada, and Scissor Sisters, as well as David Williams, who worked with Michael Jackson. You can hear the new album at

Bryan Ferry - You Can Dance (Radio Edit) by MMMusic

Bryan Ferry - Heartache By Numbers by alienhits

There are already lots of remixes of tunes from Olympia, here's a few:

Dj Hell - You Can Dance (feat bryan ferry) by deadz

You Can Dance (electric pacific remix) by Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry 'Heartache By Numbers' - Circus Parade Remix by wearemachinemusic

Bryan Ferry - Alphaville (Leo Zero Remix) by Arunas

Groove Armada // Shameless (feat. Bryan Ferry) by

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