Saturday, October 2, 2010

Miesha & the Spanks - Dirty Words, Dirtier Rock 'n' Roll

Miesha & the Spanks have hit some charts with their new 45, Mean/Fuck. The Calgary guitar/drums duo are offering up their usual raw, dirty rawk on vinyl, which make sense to me.

Miesha & the Spanks - Mean by scruffy the yak

Miesha & the Spanks - Fuck by scruffy the yak

Tour Dates:

Oct 8 The Atria Oshawa, ON, CANADA

Oct 9 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Oct 10 This Ain't Hollywood Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Oct 12 The Mansion House St Catharines, Ontario, CANADA

Oct 14 nIXne (Rock N Roll Pizza Party)Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Oct 15 The Barfly Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Oct 16 Bovine Sex Club Toronto

Buy Miesha and the Spanks from Transistor 66 Record Co.


Albert Bannatyne said...

Not bad, but I can't help but wonder - do they think they sound better without anything in the bottom end? Even the lame-o Doors used a bass keyboard to provide something there.

And when they're in Ottawa, they may be sorry to learn they're booked at what may be the saddest venue in the whole country. "niXne" is a place that insists their name is pronounced "nine" (too cute for me, but I guess I'm not in their demographic) and they feel they have to tell their clientele what to wear (their dress code is very specific, "nice shoes only, no runners", "no sunglasses". If I'm out for a beer, maybe I want to wear my runners! If I'm out for a gin & tonic, maybe I want to wear my sunglasses at night. So I can, so I can, I never did remember the rest of that line. But like I said, they're not marketing to me.

xomiesha said...

hey albert- we haven't played that bar before, but the show itself is put on by the rock n roll pizza party guys- who threw a really awesome party we played in the spring in ottawa at a pretty nice restaurant. so even if nixne sucks on a regular day, i hope you still make it out to the show because it WILL be an awesome party. and as for the bass, it's how the project evolved. which i am very happy with, but who knows what's in store for the next release. there's some keys talk.

chris yackoboski said...
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chris yackoboski said...

No need to sound like every other band. Two bass players in Ned's Atomic Dustbin? Good on ya. Three gtrs, drums, no bass in Winnipeg's Electro Quarterstaff? Okay! (Well, they actually got a bass player after a couple of years...).

As for nixne, the no sunglasses is good. Wearing them in a venue, unless you're onstage, is just goofy. Nice shoes? That ain't rock and roll.

I'm sure Miesha and the Spanks will make it rock and roll over, though. I see Mean has been played 580 times already on the soundcloud player. Very cool.