Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ridley Bent Loves Rabbits. Really.

Vancouverite-turned-Winnipegger Ridley Bent recently released his third album, Rabbit On My Wheel, and his progression away from hick-hop country rap to straight out country seems fully complete. What remains is Bent's exceptional storytelling skills, what's more developed is the melodies. I confess I like the fact that Bent can kinda fit in to "new country", with songs like I Can't turn My Back on the Bottle having the prerequisite smooth touches of rock/pop and western music, yet his sharp, gritty edge and sense of humour is intact in his lyrical bent. I'd still like to hear him take more chances, but I'm rooting for him anyhow. I mean, this guy married country and rap and allowed elements of bands like Rage Against the Machine, as well as name-dropping The Clash and Bob Marley on his first record - I guess he's allowed to move in a more linear fashion for awhile.

Livin' With Her Ex (From Rabbit on my Wheel)

Ridley Bent at Tractorgrease from Jeff Bonner on Vimeo.

I Can't Turn My Back On the Bottle (From Rabbit on my Wheel)

Buckles & Boots (From the album Buckles & Boots, 2007)

Ridley Bent - Buckles and Boots by scruffy the yak

The Devil and Coltrane Henry (From Blam)

Pastures of Heaven (From Blam)

Suicidewinder (From the album Blam, 2005)

Suicidewinder - Ridley Bent by scruffy the yak

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