Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pixies New Website, Free Download; Everything But a New Record

Pixies are unveiling a new website and are giving those on their mailing list a free download of the 2004 Coachella show, and supposedly there will be new shows every week. Even if you are wary of giving out your e-mail address, it looks like you can get digital downloads of shows for $3.99, and a cd and download is $3.99 plus shipping and handling. I know that Black Francis/Frank Black/Charles or whatever his name is has said that for Pixies, it's all about the commerce these days, but that seems like a fair price. And getting the 20-song Coachella set for free is pretty spiffy in my books.

Although Pixies are not putting out new music and are probably hoping we'll shell out the $8700.00 or what-have-you for the Minotaur box set, other people are sure into covering their songs or screwing around with them in other ways.

The Pixies "Debaser" Sloppy Seconds Extended Eyeball by Sloppy Seconds

03 Isla De Encanta (pixies cover) by theradiosweetheart

Weezer : Velouria (Pixies cover) by acrylica

Where Is My Mind (pixies cover) by Jeremiahandthesound

Dig for Fire (Pixies Cover) by TipiTash

07 - Drumkan - Alec Eiffel (Pixies) by akane_indie

Pixies - Debaser (Jake's Vamp Dub Mix) by jakeclemens

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