Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pixies Coming Back to Canada?

photo Simon Fernandez

Pixies have released all of the live shows from their Canadian stops of the 2004 reunion tour. Actually, all 15 shows from the initial reunion are available, from the first in Minneapolis, the 2nd in Winnipeg (which I remember as being damn fine for a band that hadn't played in 11 years), all the way up to the Coachella show. If you were at those shows, you probably recall that each one was recorded and available for purchase - you could pick it up after the show or have it mailed to you. I thought that was a cool and gutsy move, and I still do. No studio fixing, just a cool momento of the gig. If you failed to get the show you were at back then, you can get it now for only $3.99. The following track was recorded at Prairieland in Saskatoon.

In unsubstantiated rumours news, the message I got from reads,
"Maybe we ought to come back to Canada in the New Year?" A tease? Foreshadowing? We'll see.

I'm Amazed - Pixies by FOE

Pixies - Hey by melmtree

Brick Is Red - Pixies by sarahmarshall

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