Sunday, January 30, 2011

Enjoy Your Pumas Want You to Enjoy a Fly. In MP3 Form.

Enjoy Your Pumas. I don't get the name. Is it like, Have fun with your Nikes? Or is it a waiter at a strange restaurant? Or is it a cougar reference? As far as I know, we call them mountain lions around here. At any rate, Winnipeg indie pop/rock band Enjoy your Pumas is releasing their new album Commonality on Tuesday, February 1st. Right now and up until Feb. 3 you can snatch an mp3 of He Was a Fly from Manitoba Music. I haven't heard the whole new album, but this band looks like one to watch.

Weight Of The Circles by Enjoy Your Pumas by greenlightgo

The next one contains some nice guitar interplay and controlled wailing vox, I like it.

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