Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jon Cohen Experimental is Buzzing

Montreal's Jon Cohen Experimental put out an unusual album called Behold, and it's been circling around in my head like a magical bee for the past few weeks. Featuring members of The Dears, The Stars, and The Stills, among others, the record often seems dreamlike, oweing in part to layered, hushed vocals. Although parts of the album may faintly recall the whimsy of The Flaming Lips, mores cues seem to be taken from early to mid-period Pink Floyd (more David Gilmour vocally than Syd Barrett or Roger Waters), but overall, it sounds like when seventies rock musicians began to expand their conciousness. You get the feeling that any instrument could find its way into the mix, and in fact 17 different players lend their expertise. Lyrically, I detect a wicked anti-corporate stance, personal politics of choice against a dehumanizing society, a crafty vote for going against the grain while utilizing a musical palette that is catchy yet still slightly going against the grain - not too far from what The Dears or The Stars do in their own way. My favourite so far is Hold the Fire, featuring sold in-your-face drums, melodic fuzzy bass, shimmery and spiky guitar, and smooth, warm vocals. Jon Cohen Experimental will play in Winnipeg at the Cavern Club January 14.

Hold the Fire - Jon Cohen Experimental

1. Hold The Fire by Jon Cohen Experimental

Don't Be the Cloud - Jon Cohen Experimental

10. Don't Be The Cloud by Jon Cohen Experimental

Brain Pollution - Jon Cohen Experimental

2. Brain Pollution by Jon Cohen Experimental

I Won't Mind - Jon Cohen Experimental

I won't mind mp3 by Jon Cohen Experimental

Tour Dates

Jan 9 Behold Tour Windsor, CA
Jan 10 Behold tour Hamilton, ON, CANADA
Jan 11 Behold tour St. Catherines, Ontario, CANADA
Jan 12 Behold tour Sudbury, Ontario, CANADA
Jan 13 Behold Tour Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA
Jan 14 Behold Tour Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
Jan 15 Behold tour Edmonton, Alberta, CA
Jan 18 Behold Tour Regina, Saskatchewan, CA
Jan 20 Behold Tour Calgary, Alberta, CA
Jan 22 Behold Tour Golden, British Co, CANADA
Jan 25 Behold tour Penticton, British Co, CA
Jan 26 Behold tour Kelowna, British Co, CA
Jan 29 Behold tour Victoria, British Co, CA
Feb 17 Behold Tour Vancouver, British Co, CA
Feb 18 Behold Tour Burnaby, British Co, CA
Feb 24 Behold Tour Duncan, British Co, CA
Mar 7 Behold Tour San Francisco, California
Mar 9 Behold Tour San Diego, California
Mar 9 Behold San Diego, California
Mar 17 SXSW Austin, Texas

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