Friday, January 21, 2011

MortönTed and Motörhead: Life is Good

One of my favourite musicologists of all time, Andy Morton was dormant for alot of years, slowly gathering more ammunition for a new musical onslaught. But with the most fun band in winnipeg, The Wind-Ups, he's entertained and educated thousands of untold 'Peggers in the last few years. A recent reunion with Lousiana Cockfight brought him further into our musical conciousness. Now a cancer benefit for Vicki Banner brings us MortönTed, a Motörhead tribute not to be missed, hitting the Royal Albert Saturday, January 22. Joined by Ted Simm (Trousermouth, SNFU, DOA, Ted) Norm Simm (Unwanted), Brendon Ehinger (The VaGiants), and Jason Whelpton (Multiple Partners), as well as Jill Lynott jumping in to sing some Girlschool/Motorhead tunes, it promises some loud fun. Ehinger and Norm Simm are both playing bass, 'cause one person can't rumble ya like Lemmy.

Of course, a documentary on lemmy appropriately called Lemmy is also coming out on dvd any day now, here's a few trailers.

Ace Of Spades - Motörhead by Itubaina Radio Retro

Motörhead - Another Perfect Day by fabriziopb

Motörhead - (We Are) The Road Crew by fabriziopb

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