Friday, September 6, 2013

Beck- I Won't Be Long

Where are the David Bowies and Neil Youngs of today, old people like to ask, where are the artists that constantly change and rearrange and do whatever they want, which is sometimes brilliant and sometimees missing the mark? There's only one artist off the top of my head who seems to have the ability to jump from one musical style to another and keep growing, and that's Beck.

Even just looking at Beck's output between 1996 and 2002, Odelay, Mutations, Midnite Vultures, and Sea Change, represents a form of gleeful dancing around a kaleidoscope jukebox, and there's still great stuff on all of 'em. Sure, he hasn't approached the success of Young or Bowie, and he probably never will, but maybe he's not trying to do so. He didn't even record his last album (Song Reader), just released sheet music for others to interpret. He also spent time recording entire cover albums, from INXS to Yanni, in his Record Club project.

Anyway, I think Beck's new single, I Won't Be Long, is the bee's knees. The cat's pyjamas. You know what I mean.

Beck’s “I Won’t Be Long” single is now available everywhere digitally. iTunes Amazon

Also available on limited edition 12” vinyl, sold exclusively here.

Nobody's Fault but My Own - Live (originally on Mutations)

Sexx Laws from Midnight Vultures

New Pollution from Odelay

Lost Cause from Sea Change

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