Friday, September 20, 2013

Haunter - Rivers & Rust and Haunter Origins, Coupla Free mp3s

Haunter is a band from Winnipeg. Haunter is not frightened about launching a tune into the stratosphere by marrying a deep emotional wellspring with sublime shoegazer pop a la Swervedriver (Blood and Thunder). Haunter is unafraid of starting a song with unadulterated guitar fuzz (see Transcanada, Bring Us Home). Haunter is never terrified with the idea of allowing a heavyweight like Nathan's Keri Latimer sing on one of their tunes (Where I'm Calling From). Haunter has no fear about letting an intensely distorted guitar wail away through most of a song like Dinosaur Jr. (01 July, 2005). Haunter is not scared to begin a tune with sharp edged bass and a cymbal-riding climax (see Delilah Dreams of...). Haunter is fearless about giving listeners free mp3s of their tunes (demos? Early versions? - see Haunter Origin, Tiny Ghosts and Where Ièm Calling From)).

Blood and Thunder

Transcanada, Bring Us Home

Delilah Dreams of...

01 July, 2005

Where I'm Calling From

Anthen For a Broken City

Assiniboine River Song


All Winter Long

Our War

HAUNTER ORIGINS: Where I'm Calling From feat. Keri Latimer


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