Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More New Pixies! 4 Tracks on Wax

Hot on the heels of BagBoy, Pixies have released a 4-song EP. 10-inch vinyl, limited edition t-shirt, lossless audio download, pick your package (purchase here). Does it sound like old-school Pixies? Not so much the first two records, but it sounds like it could have been a progression from the last two. What Goes Boom sounds the most like the roaring Pixies most people want, while the first track, Andro Queen, sounds least Pixiesish. What do you think?

Tracklisting - Andro Queen - Another Toe In The Ocean - Indie Cindy - What Goes Boom

UPDATE: Pixies also released a video today for Indie Cindy, which is mostly backwards like me.

Don't forget the previously-released Bagboy single.

Check out some isolated Pixies vocals:

Debaser Isolated vocals

H>ey Isolated vocals

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