Friday, April 8, 2011

Bryan Ferry Hitting Many Towns, But Not Mine (and probably not yours)

Bryan Ferry really seems to be embracing dance music these days, releasing remixes of not only his new stuff with Groove Armada (Shameless) and DJ Hell (You Can Dance)but remixes of older tracks like Roxy's Music's To Turn You On (from Avalon). Those of you who are not so enamoured of the dance vibe can rest assured that live, Ferry still does Ferry; check out the Letterman appearance below. Ferry is heading out a substantial tour, check out the places and dates here. Poland, Serbia, Israel, Romania - d'ya think the guy could make a trip to my town, for gosh sake?

To Turn You On Edits by BryanFerry


ALPHAVILLE by BryanFerry

BF BASS (Ode To Olympia) by BryanFerry


Albert Bannatyne said...

Bryan Ferry played Winnipeg Arena in either 88 or 89, I suspect 88. I know because I saw him - you mean I've seen Bryan Ferry and you didn't?

I don't remember much about the show except generally thinking it was OK but the sound was on the weak side (Winnipeg Arena, what do you expect?). I don't remember any famous names in the band, and I can't recall whether he played any of my favourites of his - but I remember he didn't sing More Than This, I remember wondering whether he could pull it off like on the record.

During the show he said he was surprised by the response and said he'd have to return.

chris yackoboski said...

I saw that show, I thought (and still think) it was one of the most amazingly atmospheric shows I've ever seen or heard. Bete Noire was the album he was touring on, I believe.