Friday, April 22, 2011

Gimli-Spawned Mise en Scene: Headed for Top Charts in Winnipeg...Is Iceland Next?

Mise en Scene's Red Lips & Ray Bans is the No. 2 song on Kick FM's top 40. I'm pretty sure this is the first band from Gimli to hit the top 10 on any chart in the world. How many recording artists have come outta Gimli? I don't know. A*B*O*N? Does Stronger Than Pain count? The Paps will get there sometime. Anyway, Red Lips & Ray Bans is a catchy song, well-produced without being overblown, and it's got some subtle flourishes that make it work - like the "ooh-whoo" back-up vox and the shiny horns. The video seems to highlight these little details for ya, check it out.

This video was clearly shot in Gimli, which is cool in many ways.

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