Friday, April 1, 2011

Robert Plant - Getting Better All the Time

Just found out that Robert Plant is going to be gracing Scruffy's town. Should we go? I think he may be making the best music of his career. The last one with Krauss was superb, but the new one is even better, though I can't stand the cover art. And he's doing it by doing his versions of others' songs - he only has one co-write (with Buddy Miller) on the newest album, and the one before he redid himself (and Jimmy Page) with Please Read the Letter. Plant has said words to the effect of when he goes to write, it's unsatisfying. That kind of admission reminds me of another of rock's elder statesmen, Nick Lowe, who says why work your butt off to write new songs when there are great ones out there that need singing? Both Lowe and Plant are aging kinda gracefully, which is tough to do in the entertainment industry and almost impossible in pop. Plant seems to be doing fine not covering Lowe, but Low, who allowed the Former Zep frontman to cover two songs (Monkey and Silver Rider) that stand amongst the best things he's ever committed to tape. Or ones and zeros. Next post? Why, Nick Lowe, I think.

Low-Monkey by sonsmusica

The Low songs covered by Robert Plant on Band of Joy by subpop

Low - Silver Rider (live) by gbabuts

Silver rider (low/robert plant cover) by alper anik

Low - Monkey (Dirty Knobs Remix) by ZacBentz

The Ballad of Robert Plant by The Donkey & The Tulip

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