Friday, April 8, 2011

Steve Earle Giving Away a Free MP3 AND a Chapter of New Book!

Steve Earle is in a giving mood, for now he's giving fans a free MP3 of Waitin' on the Sky from his new album I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive as well as a chapter from his forthcoming book of the same name. I do believe this is the coolest way to snag listeners and readers I've ever encountered. Go to his FaceBook page to get the goods. It's prime Earle, country done the way I think it should be done, a little twangy guitar, a lotta twangy voice, a nice little shuffle, some sweet organ, and lyrically above everything else out there. Here's another one from his new album.

Every Part Of Me by Steve Earle

Earle is also releasing a limited edition single for Record Store Day. Here's the info straight from the man's website.

"Steve Earle will release a limited edition 7 inch single in celebration of Record Store Day on Saturday, April 16th. The A-Side is Earle’s version of the Hank Williams song that is the title of both Earle’s new studio album and debut novel, I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive. The song was the last single released during Hank Williams’ lifetime in December of 1952. The B-Side is Earle’s celebrated original “This City” which has garnered both Emmy and Grammy Award nominations as it was written for HBO’s Original Series Treme (in which Earle appears as a cast member). “This City” also closes Earle’s T Bone Burnett-produced new album released by New West Records on April 26th. The 7 inch single is a hand-numbered edition of 2,600 copies on translucent red vinyl with black swirl. The cover of “I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive” will be available digitally as a bonus track, and is exclusive in physical form to this 7 inch release."

An older tune for ya, I love so much of this guy's stuff it was hard to pick just one. Here's a video where he doesn't look pretty or even especially cool, and the audio isn't awesome, but you can tell the guy means it.

Here's a song with Mr. Earle you may not have heard.

A Perfect Hand (feat. Steve Earle) - David Byrne & Fatboy Slim by rdmuniz

How about a hushed Steve Earle cover by the Counting Crows front man?

Valentines Day - Adam Duritz (Written by Steve Earle) by AMBV

A goofy tune to end the post with.

Steve Earle's bringing me crabs to eat by Hudson P. Hudson Hudson


the_Yak_Ranch said...

Great new song by one of the true greats. Thanks for the interesting tracks and for yakkin about Steve!

chris yackoboski said...

Thanks for the comment, Yak. I've never got to call someone that before besides myself.