Friday, April 22, 2011

Stan Ridgway's Camoflauge is 25?!

Scruffy recently received a missive from Stan Ridgway informing me that Camoflauge, the single from his first solo album that somehow became a hit in Europe, is now 25 years old. Guess that means that the album, The Big Heat, is a quarter-century young too. Still one of Scruffy's favourites ever. A new item in Ridgway's shop is Live in Byron Bay Australia 1987, recorded on The Big Heat Tour, and boy, does it sound amazing. Below are vids of a few of the original tracks from Scruff's desert album disc.

If you forgot, Stan's the man who fronted Wall of Voodoo, who unleashed this serious song upon the world.

Wall of voodoo - Room With A View by chrisosurfs

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