Monday, August 23, 2010

Luke Doucet: Let's Make His a Household Name

Every once in a while, I rediscover an artist I like and find that I am head over heels for their music. Luke Doucet is now that guy. His fine new album, Steel City Trawler, will be released August 31 in Canada and September 21 in the USA.

I first got into Doucet through his indie rock band Veal. Listen to Spiderman (2000) below.

The new album showcases Doucet's versatility. You Get It crosses Neil Young & Crazy Horse's fuzzy gee-tar and Tom Petty's roots rock. A cover of Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown sounds like Jim Cuddy fronting Drive-by Truckers. The Ballad of Ian Curtis offers a Hookian melodic bassline, flatly echoing Joy Division drums, and vaguely New Order meets The Cure guitar sounds over hyper-melodic vocals, listen below, then go to Doucet's MySpace and give up an email address for a free download.

Get the low-down on Steel City Trawler from the horse's mouth.

I get the feeling Doucet can do almost anything, alt country or amusing 80's pop. He could play with Sarah McLachlan (which he's done and still doing), produce NQ Arbuckle (did that one, too), or play with Social Distortion (which he hasn't done...yet).

The Lovecats

Broken One

Luke Doucet - Broken One by sikandar


Luke Doucet - Outlaws by TheAgencyGroup

Here's Doucet's Tour Dates. In Winnipeg, he's headlining the River Barge Festival at the Forks, which is really a floating dock with a real stage. Since he's already done cruise ship shows, Doucet is is evidently unafraid of unusual gigs on the water. How about we talk him into playing on an icebreaker in Hudson Bay? He's a former Winnipegger, he can perform in any weather, right?

08.28.10 Winnipeg, MB
River Barge Festival at the Forks 9:30pm

09.07.10 Los Angeles, CA
Hotel Cafe 8pm

09.13.10 Grand Rapids, MI
One Trick Pony 8pm

09.16.10 Nashvilla, TN
The Basement w/ Deep Dark Woods

09.16.10 - Atlanta, GA
Old Smiths w/ Deep Dark Woods

09.22.10 Buffalo, NY
Ninth Ward, 8pm (doors 7pm)

10.19.10 - WINCHESTER, UK
The Railway

10.20.10 - LONDON UK
Luminaire, 7:30PM

10.21.10 - BRIGHTON UK
The Prince Albert, 8PM

10.25.10 - BRISTOL UK

10.27.10 - WAKEFIELD UK
Henry Boons, 7:30PM

10.28.10 - SHEFFIELD UK
The Grapes, 8PM

Buy Luke Doucet's music from Six Shooter Records, buy Veal from the same dang place.

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