Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Telepathic Butterflies Wow, Flutter, Pop and Crackle

Not everyone has the time, inclination, ambition or guts to put that extra bit of time and work into their songs to make them timeless. And there's nothing wrong with recording live or bashing one out.

But Winnipeg's The Telepathic Butterflies have clearly put Herculean efforts into crafting the kind of songs and recordings that add up to more than just the sum of their parts. It's that kind of songcraft that made The Kinks great, The Who...you get where I'm going here, right? Telepathic Butterfly singer/songwriter/guitarist Réjean Ricard once felt strongly enough about a conversation I was having with a friend to jump in and correct my misconception about the one Nick Lowe song I didn't like; he seems like a scholar of rock, a fanatic about not just The Yardbirds and Buzzcocks but lesser-known greats such as Winnipeg's Grand Theft Canoe and The Flashing Lights. It shows in their music, a nod to past greats and future classics.

Go ahead and download away, hit the downwards arrow again and again, then buy their albums - come on, at least the new one, Wow & Flutter. Admit it, it's a brilliant blend of singalong harmonies, smart but not too clever lyrics, jagged and jangly gee-tar, and powerful secret weapon drums. And you know Rob Pachol is a shit-hot lead player - a spoonful of Mick Ronson, a dash of Rick Nielson, a cup of Paul Weller - give this chef his own show, for crying out loud. I've been listening to this band everyday for a while now, and so should you.

Three tracks from Wow & Flutter:

Circle Man

The Telepathic Butterflies-Circle Man by scruffy the yak

Between the Lines

Between the Lines - The Telepathic Butterflies by scruffy the yak


Two tracks from Breakfast in Suburbia:

A Scathing Report

A Scathing Report - The Telepathic Butterflies by scruffy the yak


Telescope - Telepathic Butterflies by scruffy the yak

Two tracks from Songs From a Second Wave


Bohemie - Telepathic Butterflies by scruffy the yak

The Cutting Elm

The Cutting Elm - Telepathic Butterflies by scruffy the yak

A track from The Telepathic Butterflies (self-titled):

A Final Word

A Final Word - Telepathic Butterflies by scruffy the yak

Need more? Listen to a whack of tracks here. Buy the music at any decent store or online retailer (or go here for now), or you can try Rainbow Quartz Records, the online store should be back up soon, I hope.

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