Friday, August 27, 2010

The Raveonettes do Stone Roses, Shout Out Louds do Band of Horses, Serena Ryder Stays Alive

The Raveonettes' cover of The Stone Roses' I Wanna Be Adored is cool, neither destroying the song or being too reverent. Supposedly You can download the track, as well as some other dodgy covers for free at a Doc Martens website, but I guess you have to be in England or Europe or something - Canadians are not allowed to partake. That pisses me off, just like when artists and labels throw free tracks or compilations up on Amazon US that Canucks like me cannot access. But who knows, maybe you can access a download here, 'cause I'm helpful like that.

When a band you like covers another artist you enjoy, maybe hopes are raised as little too high, like with Shout Out Louds' cover of Band of Horses' Is There a Ghost. A mellow take on the original, a ghostly, muted heartbeat instead of the quiet-to-loud epic build - not what I would have expected, which would have been a sunny, sparkly pop version. It seems people like to do stripped-down versions of BOH songs, though, like Torontonian Serena Ryder's cover of Band of Horses' The Funeral below.

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