Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two Hours Traffic Stay Summery with Happiness Burns Video

Just discovered a new video for Happiness Burns by Charlottetown's Two Hours Traffic. It's a summery song, a summery video, short and sweet and a sugar-free treat. Why are so many Canadian east coast artists masters of melody and harmony? Visit the band's web site to download a free mp3 of the song Territory.

Here's another one from last year's Territory album, Noisemaker.

And a few videos from the 2007 album Little Jabs, which won an East Coast Music award for Best Pop Recording and was a finalist for the Polaris Music Prize. Some of them, namely Heroes of the Sidewalk, Jezebel, and Nighthawks as well as Backseat Sweetheart are being tagged on to Territory for the Australian and US releases.



Heroes of the Sidewalk

Stuck for the Summer

Buy Two Hours Traffic here.

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