Monday, August 16, 2010

Robyn Hitchcock Gives You Free Time & Violet Rain

photo by Nathan Gallagher

Ah, it's been raining for days and nights, it feels like someone's idea of England. Which is fitting, because this morn I awoke to find my favourite English guy, Robyn Hitchcock, has chosen to once again give us a couple more free mp3s in his Phantom 45's series, and one of them is entitled Violet Rain. Well, the rain in my part of the world hasn't been violet...yet. Here's to hoping. Anyway, you want the tunes, you must be quick, the songs are only free for one week at The Museum of Robyn Hitchcock.

RH has assembled what he calls a "new psyche 'n' western group" called The Hungry Moment. For him, that means banjo, fiddle, guitar and three voices, mostly voice for these two tunes, all recorded in Nashville (which seems to be the "western part" of the description). Sounds like regular acoustic Hitchcock to me.

photo by Michele Noach

Thank You, Time Girl

photo by Robyn Hitchcock

Violet Rain

Here's a couple of previous Phantom 45s.

Commetoujours by scruffy the yak

Halomary by scruffy the yak

RH has also debuted the first instalment of Tram Watch on his site's video page, which is purported to have new footage up every week and find the man performing in unexpected locations. Such as my back yard, I hope. The first one didn't happen in my neighbourhood, but I have two words for you: musical saw.

There's also some footage I haven't seen anywhere else, such as "Robyn Hitchcock visits Trolleybus 215", with his guitar shimmering brightly. Here's a typical Robyn Hitchcockian video of a track found on his latest album, Propellor Time.

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M said...

Since you like the musical saw: last week was the annual musical saw festival in NYC. It was on the news on TV. If you missed it - I found this on line:

This is the festival's website: they have videos on their 'videos' page.