Monday, August 9, 2010

The Rebirth of Robert Plant, Forget Zep Already

Good thing Robert Plant has been vetoing the Zeppelin reunion. Otherwise, he wouldn't be making the fine records that he has lately. Zeppelin would just be a nostalgia trip; the Page and Plant album shows that new writing endeavours would only be passable.

Who would have guessed that Plant would be working with Alison Krauss, T-Bone Burnett, Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller? No one. That's why he's still cool. Who would have predicted that his new single would be faithful cover of a Los Lobos tune? Not a soul. I heard this song on my local Three Days Grace/ Nickelback/ Godsmack/ Disturbed sausagefest of a rock station, which made for a sweet change from that growling angst sludgepit. Plant could be making millions playing Stairway to Heaven over and over again, but he's leaving the reputation-tarnishing to the Rolling Stones; I can appreciate that.

Angel Dance

Los Lobos - Angel Dance

My only complaint with the craggy-faced about-to-turn-62-year old fella is that his new album, Band of Joy, has terrible album art. It looks like rejected Marillion cover art.

The album's out September 14th in North America as far as I can tell. You can watch the man talk about it here.

If you didn't pay attention to Plant's collaboration with Aison Krauss, you should have.

If you haven't done so yet, Krauss and Union Station are worth checking out.

You can pre-order Band of Joy now here, the single Angel Dance is available now.

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