Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Cars Offer Second Song Preview for Sad Song

The Cars have delivered another song preview for Sad Song via their Facebook page (a clip of another new one, Blue Tip was offered on Facebook with no explanation a while back). Still no further info, no comment on the song clip, and the official website is under construction. I'm hoping there's a new album coming in the new year, but no one seems to be spilling the beans so far. Sad Song sounds like a classic Cars song to me. Many have copied that chunky guitar, keyboard wash and even the cool vocal delivery, but nobody does it better.

The Cars - Let's Go by TaffyLafaguz

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Albert Bannatyne said...

They know how to party like it's 1979. It sounds so much like their early albums that it's spooky - like they pulled out the exact same syndrums, synths, and amps they used way back in the day.

Let's go!