Monday, December 20, 2010

R.E.M. Give You a Free MP3: Discoverer

I threw R.E.M.'s name into my last post nonsensically, but anyone who knows me well knows I loved them for years, was bitterly disappointed after Bill Berry left, and was stoked when the band made a rock record with Accelerate. So I'm hopeful about the new one, Collapse Into Now, but I'm also wary. Inviting star cameos also lights up my Spidey-sense, so inviting Eddie Vedder, Peaches and Patti Smith to join in on the reindeer games makes me a little suspicious too. We'll see, right? But I like the new one, has a bit of a Monster-meets-New-Adventures vibe to me so far. Collapse into Now is out March 8 in the U.S. (and Canada, too, methinks) and March 7 internationally.

REM - Discoverer by statemagazine

Below is the Christmas song you would have already if you were a fan club member, as well as a teaser for the new album.

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home by Cover Me

02 - IHT->U->EDIYTW (Dubmix) by Cover Me

Here is the track listing for Collapse Into Now. I like the title of track 7, it reminds me of the time I met Stipe (I'm too polite to elaborate).
1. Discoverer
2. All The Best
3. Überlin
4. Oh My Heart
5. It Happened Today
6. Every Day Is Yours To Win
7. Mine Smell Like Honey
8. Walk It Back
9. Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter
10. That Someone Is You
11. Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando and I
12. Blue

Because I can, here's some covers (Richard Thompson, John Lennon), R.E.M. does Sesame Street, some remixes, and what-have-you. Happy holidays.

R.E.M. - Wall of Death by danpoage

R.E.M. - Furry Happy Monsters by dazzian

R.E.M. - #9 Dream by Tom//Shine

R.E.M - Tighten Up by Harry Callahan

R.E.M. - Indian Summer by ElectroMoonLite

Letter Seventeen - Burning Hell (R.E.M. cover) by letterseventeen

R.E.M vs. Fink - Losing my religion [soso mashup] by soso

The One I Love Is Gone (REM, RATM, David Guetta, Bliix) by Robin Skouteris

LeeDM101 - The One I Looped (R.E.M / The Doors) by LeeDM101

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