Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Watchmen Will Sell You Their New Doc...If You're Quick

photo by Clay Devoute
Watchmen drummer Sammy Kohn revealed that while the Watchmen DVD documentary, All Uncovered, will be on sale at show(s?) this weekend, he also told the Winnipeg Free Press's Rob Williams that there are less than 100 of them to be purchased. Since both shows are sold out, the chances of every fan walking away with a disc are about as good as Joey Serlin rocking the long hair he had in the photo above. Here's a couple more Watchmen tunes that didn't make it onto one of their albums.

I'm Blind - The Watchmen by scruffy the yak

I'm not sure if the name of this one is right, maybe someone out there can correct me.

Seven Times - The Watchmen by scruffy the yak

This song, Painted Ladies, is just a different videorecording of the same performance in the last Watchmen post. You can find a review of that show at The Panic Manual. If you missed that last post of mine on the band, there may have been a couple of other unreleased songs for your edification. Check out this article about what Daniel Greaves has been doing lately, which includes making what he terms "atmospheric pop" among other things.

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