Sunday, December 26, 2010

Robyn Hitchcock Streams for You: Bowie, Dylan, Cash, Nick Drake Covers

For your holiday pleasure, Robyn Hitchcock has made a whack of covers available for streaming on his website. A bunch of Bowie songs (recorded live at the annual Medecins sans Frontieres benefit show, Changes is my favorite Bowie cover ever), Bill Monroe's Blue Moon of Kentucky featuring Nick Lowe, and much more. None of the tracks below are included in Hitchcock's stream, it's just a weird hodgepodge of old and new Hitchcock and Lowe, old Bowie (because there IS no new Bowie), or some amusing covers, because I'm still in a giving mood.

Robyn Hitchcock - Ordinary Millionaire by charmfactory

Robyn Hitchcock - Adoration Of The City by charmfactory

Robyn Hitchcock - I Saw Nick Drake by charmfactory

Robyn Hitchcock - Luckiness by lighthouseflashing

Robyn Hitchcock -Vibrating by cristalette

"I Trained Her To Love Me" by Nick Lowe by Rogboy

Nick Lowe - So It Goes by ARCHERS

Nick Lowe - I love the sound of breaking glass by Little Geoff


The song below translates as The Sound of Breaking Glass (from the original Swedish). It doesn't sound like a cover of the Nick Lowe tune, so I don't know what it is, I'm hoping one of you can enlighten me.

Ljudet av krossat glas(Nick Lowe) by Charlie Persson

Massive Attack & David Bowie - Nature Boy by Latitudinarian

Keren Ann - Life on Mars (David Bowie Cover) by bangkokerror

Franz Ferdinand - Sound & Vision (David Bowie Cover) by microfideu

Changes (David Bowie) by manolodivago

Buy Robyn Hitchcock and Nick Lowe at Yep Roc. Buy Bowie anywhere. And tell him to make some new music, it's been far too long.

Leave a comment below. Aren't you still in a giving mood?

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